North Cyprus Destinations` Marketing Management Approach through Remodelling Servqual Analysis

Esenyel I

Published on: 2021-03-08


The primary purpose of this study was to present a theoretical background of service quality and application of the SERVQUAL model for assessing the level of satisfaction of guests seeking hospitality services in North Cyprus hotels. This research accomplishes; the guests' perception of service quality delivery by the hotels and the class of hotel stars where guests’ accommodated. The new model utilized in this study can be applied in other countries to assess tourists' satisfaction with the accommodation and the country itself. Data was gathered at North Cyprus, specifically at the tourism capital city of Girne (Kyrenia), using a sample of 400 guests. The analysis of data was done using the ANOVA test. .The results strongly support the completeness of the model and give new dimensions to marketing management in the hospitality industry.