The Customer's Awareness on Social Responsibility of Truong Hai-Chu Lai Automobile Joint Stock Company Has Effect on the Consumption Behavior

Son NT

Published on: 2020-02-25


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged since the 1930s, and was first defined in 1953 by Bowen. There are many studies in the world about CSR in general. In Vietnam, a developing country, the concept of CSR is not new and has been introduced into our country through multinational corporations. However, in Vietnam, the understanding of consumer perceptions of CSR, its impact on customers' buying intentions in the automobile sector is tending to grow in Vietnam is not implemented. Samples were surveyed from 250 consumers of products of Truong Hai-Chu Lai Automobile Joint Stock Company. The study proposes 5 dimensions of social responsibility based on the Carroll model 1991 with 30 variable observations adjusted to the characteristics of the company. The results of the linear structural model analysis show the perception of: (1) Economic responsibilities, (2) Legal responsibilities, (3) Ethical responsibilities, (4) Philanthropic responsibilities, (5) Responsibilities for sustainable development influences the consumer's intent and behavior through the intermediary role of brand loyalty. The implementation of this study will support businesses that have a positive impact, promoting the purchase intent of consumers.