The Rise of Evolutionary Economics: Plotting Non-Equilibrium Transformational Dynamics in the Post Pandemic Era

Annamalah S and Paraman P

Published on: 2021-03-16


The pandemic poses significant impacts on the socioeconomic framework. Revolutionary financial and economic strategies are expected to envision a competitive, sustainable and contemporary economic model. Elective methodologies and concrete institutional policies from past economic downturns or pandemics may provide underlying systemic risk principles. The economic and financial disconnect impacts the fiscal debt, recession lifecycles and economic shocks. Institutional polices that ignores wellbeing and welfare budgets should strive to improve the taxation systems by widening the tax base to reduce deficits. The emergency has set off acute economic repercussions that has incited approaches to re-examine global economic policies. Constructing a sustainable and comparative economic model could reduce the inadequacies of an economic and financial divide that advances the vision of a post pandemic era.