The Development of Conceptual Frameworks in Assessing Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare Organizations the Proposal from Asiquas

Di Stanislao F, Banchieri G, Amoddeo E , Scelsi S, Caldesi R, Cazzetta M, Grenghini S, Priore S, Sodo S, Dal Maso M, Goldoni L, Mariantoni S, Ronchetti M, Vannucci A, Wienand U, Carzaniga S, Caracci G, Acquaviva G, Catalini A, D’alleva A, Diotallevi F, Masiero A, Montagna V, Perilli A, De Mattia E, Angioletti C, Lonoce N, Palinuro A, Valentini E, Greco G and DeBelvis AG

Published on: 2022-05-12


Quality Issue: To identify the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and provide suggestions and indications, improving healthcare quality is essential in health system management.

Initial Assessment and Procedure Choices: We explored previous studies’ perspectives and analyzed past academic and grey literature’s narrative, theoretical and conceptual works. We selected the contribution of some International Associations such as WHO, IOM, OECD and the Italian SIQuAS-VR, and other contributions such as “The Canadian Health Indicators Framework (CHIF)” and the one, by Di Stanislao Francesco, “La Qualità nell’assistenza Sanitaria e Sociosanitaria”, which was the initial driving force for drafting this paper.

Conclusions: The current challenge is to provide an innovative conceptual framework to facilitate the mechanism to assess the quality along different dimensions and achieve quality goals.