Biodiesel Production from Vegetable Oil: A Review

Abdelrahman MAA, Yassin AAA, Hussein IH, Mirghani MES and Karama AB

Published on: 2020-05-15


Biodiesel is an alternative, renewable and sustainable source of energy that has become more attractive recently due to environmental concern and diminishing petroleum reserves. This article is focused on reviewing the production of biodiesel from vegetable oil. Biodiesel is produced by Tran’s esterification, catalytic and non-catalytic Tran’s esterification, in addition to assisted techniques such as ultrasonic and microwave assisted Tran’s esterification. Also, the factors that affecting the biodiesel production such as feedstock quality, free fatty acid (FFA) content and moisture content, molar ratio, temperature and agitation speed have been reported. Moreover the article discussed the biodiesel standard, stability and economics.