Genetic Diversity for Agronomic Traits in Interspecific Crosses of Brassica

Maryam M, Farhatullah M, Iqbal A, Noor M, Khan FU, Farid A, Adnan M and Sohail A

Published on: 2019-11-05


Search for genetic diversity is of crucial importance in prevailing climatic changes. The present study was therefore carried out to estimate genetic diversity for agronomic and morphological traits in interspecific crosses of brassica during the cropping season 2016-17. The genetic material of this study comprised 36 F7 brassica populations along with eight parental lines were planted in RCB design with two replications. F7 populations manifested significant variation for morphological traits. Population Bnr-23 had maximum 100-seed weight (0.71 g) whereas, population Bnr-36 was higher in seed yield plant-1 (15.8 g). Among F7 populations, moderate to high heritability was recorded for flowering, primary branches, plant height, silique length and seeds silique-1. Low to high heritability was estimated for main raceme length, siliques main raceme, maturity and seed yield, whereas high heritability was recorded for 100 seed weight. The results indicate further evaluation of these advanced lines before there release and commercial utilization.