Standardization of Low Glycaemic Index Product Chapati Spread from Triticale

Sonkar S, Bhel R, Yadav S and Bishnoi OP

Published on: 2019-12-17


Triticale(X Triticosecal wittmack), a man made cereal grass crop, obtained from  hybridization of wheat (Triticum app) with rye (secale cereal). Triticale grains can be used for human food and livestock feed. Triticale is the first species of an agricultural crop produced scientifically by humans. Germination may be define as an emergence of embryo from the seed by starting a variety of anabolic and catabolic activities, including respiration, protein synthesis and mobilization of food reserves after it has absorbed water. The aim of this research was to evaluate nutritional quality and sensory properties of triticale based product that are - Chapati spread which are made from germinated grain triticale, wheat and pearl millet. The result of the nutritional analysis indicated that the nutritional composition of chapati spread are  moisture-8.6, ash-1.91, protein-3.87 and iron-1.80 gm. Regarding sensory properties, these products were evaluated on sensory parameters using nine point hedonic rating scale. Sensory score for chapati spread for appearance 8.0-9.0, texture 7.5-8.4 colour 7.0 -8.6, flavor 7.8-8.8 and  overall acceptability is 8.0 -9.0. Sensory qualities of product (chapati spread) was monitored during storage and was found stable for 3 months. Chapati spread is recommended for all age groups.