Special Relativity and Astrothoelogy

Cusack PTE

Published on: 2019-05-20


We consider Einstein’s Relativity and how Astrothoelogy trumps that theory of the last century. Calculations are done that show that well established variables of AT Math explain the propagation speed of light through the Ether. These calculations are important because they show that Relativity is not the way the universe works. Astrothoelogy that involves absolute space and time, may well be the true model of the physical universe.


Special relativity Astrotheology Cusack’s rupture


In this brief report, we consider Special Relativity concepts considering the Astrotheology theory. We calculate gamma, mass, dM/dt, and show why the speed of light c =3. We calculate the dampened cosine energy and the rate of change of the density. Light must plow its way through the Ether, which was discarded by Einstein. We begin with the contraction factor (Figure 1).

Fundamental Precept of Astrotheology

Dampened Cosine

Rate of change of density:

Light propagates through the ether.




We see that Relativity only tells part of the story of the physical universe. Astrotheology tells the rest. Discarding the notion of the ether was the fundamental mistake in developing Astrotheology. There is absolute space and time. Time is Kinetic Energy and is conserved. There is a stationary point in the universe to which everything else is relative.


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Figure 1: Pressure -time plot.