Brain, Large Method, manual therapy; physical exercise, Micro former, massage in Psycho-body, emotional-affective and socio-relational recovery -Case Report for a randomized controlled trial

Furnari D, Khan N, Hamlaoui K, Lagree S, Peace A, Sanchez S, Eyring A, Talyanova E, Milczarek M, Petrov S, Aljayar A, Stoxen J, Siolos P, Elefterov E, Ristic L, Perren H, Lee T, Cochard M, Boulton L, Wanna S, Hammadi S and Booth D

Published on: 2021-04-30


Exercise as a moment of socializing, fun and well-being. Titanic Enterprise? Just want to do. For me, I have brought together the greatest, the best, my closest friends, for one great passion: movement, physical exercise, as a source of well-being, especially in this critical moment for those who have suffered damage even from the point of view. Economically. But the topic is another. I was in Sicily, a friend of mine is training with others but ... he has a herniated disc ... prevents him from moving ... yet, thanks also to the encouragement, the sociability, the fun of the group itself, he does not he feels pain and is able to perform all exercises perfectly. Hence the idea: can conviviality, sociality in the world of sport have and be a natural opioid? Can we modulate our perception of pain thanks to a "disembodied attitude and an inactive approach? We are embodied beings”, in which minds, bodies, environment and culture are connected to each other on different levels. "The answer is yes and the purpose of the post is to leave you breathless to admire the infinite beauty of my friends who train and have fun, live the sport, the Movement and long live true friendship. Obviously I emphasize my world, my fitness large method, Lagreefitness which also improves self-esteem, good mood through the generation of wellness molecules and hormones. Heart health, brain health, muscle and joint health. Neuroscience and large method; induction of the pituitary hypothalamic axis of growth hormone, its possible implications in longevity. The massage or touch is to give well-being through touch, body. A well-being not only physical, but also neural, social, rewriting neuronal circuits and improving synaptic plasticity. With this image I want to highlight the art of massage, manual techniques, rehabilitation and also movement and psychology. In a moment of uncertainty I want to give certainties; what we will return to instill well-being again. This is the topic of our research. Indeed two. We scientifically demonstrate how both the massage and the Lagree method are fundamental for a better cognitive development, so please send me the material in private. If you want you can; you are a thinking being and while you think, think big. Imagine, create, thrill and expand. Reinvent yourself by creating the best version of yourself. Now imagine and create the desired reality. The amygdala, an almond-shaped group of nuclei located in the limbic system, deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain, is the boss when it comes to processing and storing memories of various emotions. In fact, the amygdala experiences emotions even before the conscious brain does. Repetitive triggering of the stress response makes the amygdala more reactive to apparent threats, which stimulates the stress response, thereby further triggering the amygdala, on and on and on in a vicious cycle. The amygdala serves to help form “implicit memories,” traces of past experiences that lie beneath conscious recognition. As the amygdala becomes more sensitized, it increasingly tinges those implicit memoirs with heightened residues of fear, causing the brain to experience ongoing anxiety that no longer has anything to do with the circumstances at hand. At the same time, the hippocampus, which is critical for developing “explicit memories”-clear, conscious, and records of what really happened-gets worn down by the body’s stress response. Cortisol and other glucocorticoids weaken synapses in the brain and inhibit formation of new ones. When the hippocampus is weakened, it’s much harder to produce new neurons and thus make new memories. As a result, the painful, fearful experiences the sensitized amygdala records get programmed into implicit memory, while the weakened hippocampus fails to record new explicit memories. When this happens, you wind up with no real memory of what set you off to begin with but with a very clear sense that something bad—something very bad—is happening. We have to transcend the body to change the body, overcome the ego to change the ego. We must become pure awareness and going beyond time, forget the known reality and go into the unknown and observe the infinite possibilities and tune into the possible realities, because if we think about them, in the quantum universe they already exist. Core, endurance, strength, neuroscience, the secrets for good longevity: heart health, brain health, muscle and joint health. Neuroscience and large method, besides fitness and wellness, neuro complex training. Happy to be part of this family and also to be its ambassador and researcher. Also used by astronauts returning to earth.