Complementary and Alternative Medicine among Inpatient Pediatric Under One Year of Age in Baghdad City-Iraq

Al-Daboony SJ

Published on: 2021-07-20


Background: Complementary& alternative medicine popular in Iraq, it’s use from many age group but shortage of data is available about uses of traditional medicine in pediatric.

Material and Methods: The aim of this study to measure the prevalence of complementary and alternative medicine CAM [one type of CAM called saqua] use in acutely sick children [complaining from gastro intestinal symptom] and factors associated with it. This is a cross-sectional study, hospital-based study in a tertiary center of Baghdad City- Iraq from the first January2018 to January 2019. Children were assessed using a specially designed questionnaire, interview with one of child’s family almost the mother or grandmother, face to face interview. Data were analyzed using SPSS [statistical software version 20], Chi-square test for association between using CAM and not using. P-value of 0.05 was considered significant

Results: Among the total 415 admitted children one year’s olds or less complaining from gastro intestinal symptom, 36 [8.6%] were using complementary and alternate medicine. The age distribution of the children using CAM less than first year,children were using CAM, age group less than one month 11[30.6%],1 to 6 months 22[61.1%] and from 6 months to 1 year 3[8.3%], male 22[61.1%], female 14[38.9], about region urban 23[63.9%] and rural 13[36.1%], parent with low education state. During period of hospitalization, observation and fallow up was done, complication more in the children which use CAM[saqua], 9[25%]out of 36 using saqua complaining from complication compare with non-using 12[3. 2%].Death increasing in the children which using saqua 21 [58.3%] compere with non using8[2.11%].

Conclusion: The usage of CAM concerning on value and believes, in this study was founded Complication more in children using CAM camper not using CAM[sequa], also number of death more in pediatric using CAM[saqua], so need awareness about it and more study about[saqua] one type of CAM.