Farcial futile pharmacy fiasco -let pharmacy return to its apothecary roots!

Ayoade MS

Published on: 2021-03-29


Below are some of the most important drugs ever invented in the last 100 plus years and the discipline/profession/occupation of the inventors and discoverers. There is not one pharmacist on the list! Some may say what of Sir David Jack [1924-2011] who discovered Beclometasone? He took a combined honors degree in BOTH chemistry AND pharmacy so was not a stand-alone pharmacist. The same thing applies to Nagai Nagayoshi [1844-1929] discoverer of ephedrine, who studied medicine, pharmacy AND organic chemistry. Even John Stith Pemberton (1831 to 1888) creator of Coca Cola who many pharmacists claim as “the most famous pharmacist” was actually a medical doctor! Right up to the start of the industrial revolution apothecaries were at the forefront of the discovery and invention of drugs.