Male Students Self-Esteem with Smoking Behavior in High School in the City Of Makassar

Syarifuddin S, Nuralamsyah M, Syamsir S, Natsir M, Pont AV, Limbong T, Gentingdatu S and Agussalim A

Published on: 2021-12-16


It is an evaluation or the result of an assessment made by you of the ability that he has. This study aims to find out the difference in the self-esteem of students with habits smoking in school. This research is quantitative research using a cross sectional approach. With data collection techniques using accidental sampling using instruments in the form of questionnaires. The results of this study showed that of 38 respondents, respondents of the 17-year-old age group amounted to 17 students (44.7%). Age 16 years 15 students (39.5%). 15-year-olds numbered 6 students (15.8%). Low self-esteem was 25 students (65.8%) and high self-esteem was 13 students (34.2%). High smoking behavior 27 students (21.1%) and low smoking category as many as 11 students (28.9%). Based on the results of the data analysis found that there is a meaningful relationship between self-esteem and smoking.