Medical Mixology: What's In That Cocktail? A Brief Report on Potential Allergens in Cocktail Mixtures and Liqouors

Tabacco JV, Barchuk A and Belyaev A

Published on: 2023-01-13


In the last 20 years Mixology has emerged as a culinary art form , combining lesser used or often forgot about liquors with fruits and herbal extracts in a way that has spurred on the restaurant industry as well as cultural life for many. Herbal extracts make up many of the ingredients of these liquors, have physiologic effects which have been studied for centuries and frequently have been used for their medicinal properties. Some of these herbals can induce hunger or reduce satiety being given the name aperitifs or digestives. These physiologic effects have frequently been confirmed through eloquent studies centuries following their discovery. Others have less resounding evidence to support their medical claims but are still used as flavourings in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alike.  As Herbal extracts are now being consumed in high volume mixed into cocktails at an unprecedented rate my journey into mixology and a few of its ingredients was hurried by one patients’ uncomfortable and life threatening experience.