Olanzapine Induced Pedal Edema: A Prudent and Rare Side Effect: A Case Report

Verma V, Swami M and Soni PK

Published on: 2022-07-16


Premarketing trials of olanzapine reported an occurrence of peripheral edema of 3%. Olanzapine belongs to atypical antipsychotics and is considered superior to its traditional congeners. Here we document a case of bilateral pedal edema which was developed secondary to olanzapine use, where all the systemic causes of pedal edema were ruled out. Pedal edema regressed on decreasing the dose of olanzapine and completely gets resolved after stopping the drug. So, we attribute the pedal edema to olanzapine drug therapy. As the definitive cause of pedal edema along with its consequences is not known, so stringent monitoring of this drug's adverse effects is needed.