Post-Covid 19 Syndrome: Case Report Sindrome Post-Covid 19: A Case Report

Urrea SIR, Pérez TB, García VCA, Ayola AIC, Miranda APB, Suarez MMG, Otero ERG, Jiménez MCG, Gomez JRF, Gonzalez CMC, Arismendy OVM, Valencia SDC and Herazo MES

Published on: 2021-08-18


Post-covid syndrome has been defined as the persistence of at least one clinically relevant symptom, or spirometry or radiological alterations after infection by covid-19. Its existence is undoubted although it is not clearly distinguishable since it is confused with clinical pictures produced by other acute viral diseases whose most persistent symptoms are usually dyspnea, cough and chest pain.

Clinical case: 64-year-old male patient in poor general condition, post-covid 19 syndrome, under prolonged invasive mechanical ventilation of difficult weaning for 56 days. With requirement of multiple antibiotics from his hospital stay due to refractory septic shock of pulmonary and urinary origin.

Conclusion: Following trauma or a severe primary infectious disease, such as Covid-19 in which a systemic inflammatory response syndrome or SIRS predominates, a long-lasting, overwhelming, compensatory anti-inflammatory RIA syndrome occurs, leading to post-infectious / post-traumatic immunosuppression.