Social Support and Prevention of the Vulnerability Psychosocial In Bigger Caretakers of Adults with Insanity

Martin RA, Mendez MAT and Alvarez JC

Published on: 2022-07-19


Background: One of the illnesses that more deterioration functional and bigger stress provides to the caretaker is the insanity.

Objective: to propose a program of social support for the prevention of the vulnerability psychosocial in bigger caretakers of adults with insanity residents in Santa Clara. The investigation embraced one period from January 2020 to January 2022 in a mental center health “Chiqui Gómez”.

Method: was carried out a study decriptive, restrospective, for sampling intentional non probabilistic composed by 11 bigger caretakers of adults. It gathers it of the data was carried out through the empiric method the questionnaire and for the analysis of the data the statistical calculation was used. 

Results: it allowed the introduction of improvements in their design toward bigger caretakers of adults with insanity. Conclusions: it contributed to the establishment of a logical and coherent articulation among the specific objectives and the projects psychosocial that compose the program.