South Korea Remarkable Efforts in Fight against Noval Coronavirus

Kumari S, Sachin S, Bharti AK, Kumari A, Sinha R and Prakash G

Published on: 2020-10-08


The Aim behind to written this article is to send wishes and creates a way to go and showing some truthful path in the huge pandemic disease named as noval corona virus i.e. covid-19. The huge pandemic disease started and gave his hilarious outbreak from Wuhan city (in the whole sale market), in china and it spread so fast to all over the world. And for this i just want to share my analysis to the upcoming success mantra to all of you and stuck &ping that point so that we all can do and punch a stop mark in the increasing rates of that coronavirus and being a responsible citizen it’s our duty to do that.

Apart from china, Wuhan there is high sign of encouragement, in the noval corona virus outbreak it was one of the bang countries in the primary stage. But the implication of scale testing make it the great effort South Koreans were widely praised by the efforts and by the enormous testing programme.

The virus is commonly widespread during nearest contact, and by tiny droplets assembled when people coughing, sneezing, or talking. These tiny droplets may be constructed during breathing but the virus is not commonly in the air. People may also grab COVID-19 by touching a infected surface and then their face. The virus can alive on surfaces up to 72 hours. It is most infectious during the primary 3 days after symptom start, even though spread may be achievable before symptoms take shape and in delayed stages of the disease. Time from submission to start of symptoms is commonly between 2 and 14 days, with a median of 5 days. The gold standard method of detection is by rRT-PCR from a nasopharyngeal swab. The contamination can also be detected from a mixture of symptoms, uncertainity and a chest CT scan exposed characteristic of pneumonia


Droplets; Nasopharyngeal swab; CT scan


The remarkable effect are shown in the no of the affected patients in the Koreans are on its peak [1]. On Wednesday, Feb ’25 the new covid-19 cases announced in South Korea fall to less than 100. And it’s on 4th day in a row, means on Sunday feb 29 observed several new cases approx. 909 in a single day as reported from medical worker and health care team [2]. The huge difference is seen in the late February & in the starting of March the numbers of new CoV infections in the country from several dozens to few hundreds to few thousands [3].

Korea’s responses to COVID-19 is spotlighting a strong public health reach to ruling in the outburst, one that supplies a lesson for the rest of the world. For the country’s health officials, moreover, it’s a big lesson they well read the hard way. Korea’s distressing happening with a 2015 outburst of MERS [4].

Mers Outbreak

On May 4, 2015, a 68-year-old man in the greenhouse business comeback to Seoul after a 10-day business trip to Bahrain and other countries in the Middle East. A few week later, pyrexia and in pain, the businessman visited few local clinics prior being divulged with pneumonia to Pyeongtaek St. Mary’s Hospital, a secondary hospital in Gyeonggi Province [5]. But when his situation didn’t improve there, he was shifted to Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, according to a 2018 article in the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine. While doctors at the big hospital lastly assessed the businessman with MERS on May 20, it was previously too late to cease the outburst. By that point, he had transferred the MERS CoV to 28 patients at the hospitals he’d visited before conveying to the medical centers, according to a 2016 article in The Lancet[6].

One CoV outburst can learn a country and its government a lot about how to assign with another.

And on Sunday it almost 64 new cases found even as infections in other countries pursue to soar by the 1000 daily, destructive health care structures and economies. Italy inventionary several 100 dying daily; variating the nature .South Korea has not had more than 6 to 7 in a day.

South Korea is one of only 2 countries with large outburst, alongside China, to distinct the guidance of the curve of new contamination [7]. And it has done so without China’s strong regulations on speech and action, or economically injuring lockdowns like those in Europe and the US .along this south Korea did nothing like lockdown n all powerful attempt like other countries do.

Strategies and Democratic Response

The upcoming review and the updated view, the country has invested and noticed more than a quarter-millions of people for the virus; there are over 600 testing’s sites in the nation, with a dimensions to test up to 20,000 people one day [8]. The outcome delivered, on median, in early March - a month and a half since the 1 case - obtained more upturned than new contamination. More noticeable, this was attained without any drastic lockdowns, roadblocks, and limitations on activity and assembly. Its self-governing reaction is, in this perception, an outcome of public power. Voluntary collaboration of the public and residential citizen. Announcing to be trialed, self-isolating when symptoms appears. Social distancing.

Ministry and Societical Response

The South Korean government mainly works on the 5T prolonged success response mantra ie- TESTING, TRACKING, TRACING, TRAVEL, TREATING Non –selective testing and rapid testing was the 1 step.

On Jan27 — with just 4 known cases in the country — South Korean health official’s impetrated the enlargement of a test kit for COVID-19 from twenty medical companies, reassuring fast-track governing agreement. A few week later, one analytic test was accepted By the end of February — less than 3 weeks since the seal of approval of a test — the country had trial the 46,127 patients along that by differentiation, the US had trialed 426. Both countries had their 1 case fixed on Jan 20 [9].

Testing was taking onwards to upcoming step tracking and detecting. Once a case was established, the jurisdiction tracked down the activity histories of the patient and detect the people they had approached. And interacted with.

The jurisdiction worked with local governments to observed safety camera footage, smartphone data, and credit card records to graph out the minute — Now for that we carry forward to the next step Travel. For that we observed the patients’ previous travels and contacts. From till when the infection started whole travel history. The government also instructed and influenced inventive ways of distributing this details. It used a GPS-tracking app to overworked and publicize patients’ activity in real exact time [10].

And punished those that broke quarantine. For stay safe save lives. Thereafter, it called companies to expand apps that visualized the patients’ unidentified location fact and made them more feasible to the public. One such app — called the “Corona 100m” — alerted users when they came inside 100 meters of the current whereabouts of a CoV patient. Reading that GPS location.

At the same time, the patients were classified by risk — asymptomatic, moderate, severe, or critical and treated appropriatively. Higher-risk patients, together with the elderly and critically ill, were hospitalized. By dissimilarity, lower-risk patients, such as the young and those presenting moderate to no symptoms, were sent to common room taking from companies like Samsung and LG.

The type of treatment changes as well, extending from total quarantine in negative pressure rooms to union of antiviral and antibiotic agents to simple observing. The transformed treatment master plan proved fruitful. As that of March 30, the country’s death rate from the nCoV around 1.5 %, with 9,661 established cases and 158 deaths. That is a 3 of the global mortality rate, which stands at 4.6 % as of March 28, according to data from the WHO [11].

Societal Response

While main, these governmental meter would not have been functional without the large-scale collaboration of the public, the authoritative for which was sadly learned. Even before the government collaborated its message on social distancing, In Daegu — the country’s CoV hotspot Many restaurants, shops, and cinemas closed, not because of a direct government involvement but an observable decrease in business. Across the country, tens of thousands of such businesses appealed for government contribution as they temporarily shut down. Churches also close their services, choosing in place of to post sermons online.

As Yale professor of public health policy Howard P. Forman pointed, they showed that the virus can be accommodate through forms of submissive social isolation.” Early and easily adaptation of social distancing is the main success rates of this. “Testing is central because that can lead to early observation, it minimizes farther threat, and it immediately treats those found with the virus,” South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha told the BBC.


As global clusters of death from the virus in earlier 15,000, officials and specialist worldwide are getting southkorian a manifestation And those indications, while darely easy, appears comparatively straightforward and economical: rapid action, widespread testing and contact detecting, and carping support from citizens.


CONTACT TRACING ISOLATION AND SURVILLANCE (CCTV and the tracking of bank card and mobile phone usage and using mobile data)



BY This great wonder effect done by the Korean government and the population lived in that counter make attention to all over the world , its technique and limitations tools are not exorbitant complex or costly.

Some of the mechanization the country has used is as normal as peculiar rubber gloves and cotton swabs. Of the 7 countries with poor outburst than South Korea’s, five are richer.

Specialist cite 3 major barrier to following South Korea’s lead, none related to cost or mechanization.

One is political will. Many governments have paused to urge onerous quantify in the leave of a calamity-level outburst.


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