Cohesive Elements for Predictions of Structural Response of a Composite Subjected to a Low Velocity Impact

Ihsen A

Published on: 2019-06-20


A constitutive model based on incorporation of cohesive elements and the use of continuum damage mechanics, has been incorporated in the finite element code ANSYS/Explicit Dynamics, to predict the structural responses of a laminate composite subjected to an impact. Predictions of a complete model FE (which incorporates simulation of inter and intra laminar damage), and a reduced model FE (where only the inter laminar damage are simulated), were compared to the experimental results obtained from tests of drop-weight. The developed Finite Elements model provided an accurate prediction of the structural low- velocity impact response of laminated composite over the range of impact forces exanimated. Results show that incorporation of intra lamination damage into simulation increases the reliability of the predictions in terms of force–displacement curves and dissipated energy.