Theory of Heat Exchange in Pipes with Turbulators with D/D = 0.95 ÷ 0.90 and T/D = 0.25 ÷ 1.00, and also in Rough Pipes, by Air with Great Reynold's Numbers Re = 106

Lobanov IE

Published on: 2019-08-12


Mathematical modeling of heat exchange in air in pipes with turbulators with d / D = 0.95 ÷ 0.90 and t / D = 0.25 ÷ 1.00, as well as in rough pipes, with large Reynolds numbers (Re = 106). The solution of the heat exchange problem for semicircular cross-section flow turbulizers based on multi-block computing technologies based on the factorized Reyn-olds equations (closed using the Menter shear stress transfer model) and the energy equation (on multi-scale intersecting structured grids) was considered. This method was previously successfully applied and verified by experiment in [1-4] for lower Reynolds numbers. The article continues the computational studies initiated in [1-4].