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Open Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology (OJOGCT) focuses on the geology, petrology, geochemistry, and mineralogy of coal, oil/gas source rocks, and shales. With the journal, we aim to promote the exploration and utilization of these resources in an environmentally responsible manner, as well as the advancement of engineering and technology for effective resource management toward net-zero carbon emissions.

OJOGCT publishes research papers, reviews, case studies, and short communications related to Oil, Gas, and Coal Technology. A key principle of OJOGCT is not to exclude papers based on their subject matter, and it wishes to publish papers that present scientifically valid and technically correct findings.

The Open Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology also publishes Research articles, Originals, Editorials, Reviews, Case reports, Letters to the Editor, Commentaries, book reviews, etc.

Plagiarism Policy

OJOGCT follows strict plagiarism rules, the submitted article must contain a minimum of 70–80% unique content. The article undergoes multiple revisions if it is plagiarised to make sure the content is unique, and it helps the author improve their research as we have an expert Editorial Board.

Peer Review Process

OJOGCT undergoes a double-blind peer review process that takes 7–10 days, we also have a fast-track peer review process.

You can submit your article online or through email at emily.ojogct@gmail.com



Aim and Scope

This Open Journal of Oil, Gas, and Coal Technology presents novel research findings and discusses challenging issues in the fields of energy and mineral extraction, processing, utilization, and recycling. The journal covers all aspects of scientific and engineering research on energy and mineral resources, including original research articles, new developments, case studies, and critical reviews. There are a number of topics covered in the course, including:

This journal covers basic research, computational and laboratory studies, technology development, and field studies in:

Advanced coal-fired power generation technologies


Ash management

Integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC)

Bottom ash

Low-emission coal technologies

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Natural gas

Circulating fluidized bed combustion

Offshore drilling

Clean coal technology

Oil exports

Coal beneficiation

Oil imports

Coal blending

Oil prices

Coal combustion

Oil production

Coal combustion products (CCPs)

Oil rigs

Coal gasification

Oil sands

Coal liquefaction


Coal mine methane


Coal mining


Coal seam gas


Coal slurry.


Coal washing

Pulverized coal combustion

Coal-fired power plants



Renewable energy

Coal-to-liquids (CTL)


Crude oil



Shale gas


Shale oil

Energy independence

Supercritical coal-fired power plants

Energy security

Ultra-supercritical boilers


Ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plants

Fluidized bed combustion

Underground coal gasification (UCG)

Fly ash


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