Application of Likert Scale’s Type and Cronbach’s Alpha Analysis in an Airport Perception Study

Adeniran AO

Published on: 2018-12-28


This study explains the basis of Likert scale’s type and Cronbach’s Alpha analysis in determining the reliability and inter-item consistency of questions regarding the assessment of passengers’ satisfaction and service quality of Murtala Muhammed Airport 2. The essence of adopting Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient for checking the reliability and internal consistency of Likert-type scales cannot be overemphasized as it does not provide reliable estimates for single items or individual items, but for summated scales or subscales so as to have a known reliability of the items. Likert scale's type is suitable with studies in social and behavioral sciences that have to do with perceptions, attitudes, emotions, opinions, personalities, and descriptions of people's environment. It was revealed from the survey of 114 respondents (air passengers) that the reliability test for statements of thirty-nine airport services blended into five service qualities attributes for service quality and passengers' satisfaction was 0.893, and 0.861 respectively. The two Alpha values indicate high reliability of questionnaire instrument and internal consistencies of the five-point Likert-type scales. It was recommended that for every perception study particularly in airport study, the reliability and consistency of the questionnaire instrument enhance the reliability of results.