Effect of Nanotechnology on Platelet Function in Experiment

Belousov AN

Published on: 2020-01-28


This scientific article is devoted to the study of the effect of magnetite nanoparticles (MCS-B brand) on the functional platelets activity of human 0.9% NaCl was used as a control. The results of the study showed that the use of NaCl saline solution shifts the colloidal suspension equilibrium of platelets towards a significant (P<0.001) increase in the rate and index of their aggregation. For the first time, the effect of 0.9% NaCl on function of platelets makes us reconsider the concept of safety of infusion solutions in patients with initial signs of platelet disorders hemostasis. On the contrary, the use of MCS-B nanoparticles significantly revealed (P<0.05) an increase in the stability of colloidal suspension of platelets. This is an important pathogenetic factor which affects the occurrence of correction of hemostasis in conditions of blood clotting disorders.