About Journal

Journal of Pain management and Therapeutic Care (JPMTC) is an Open Access blind peer-reviewed journal which aims to publish erudite, pragmatic researches in the most common field of pain and pain management.

We aim to target the expert medical practitioners, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physician assistants, neurologists and research scholars only to publish quality and most recent studies on pain and pain management.

Aim and Scope

This Journal identifies different types of pain and there relief through precision medication and physical medicine practice. Clinical trial studies and several research projects are undergoing all over the world for better treatment outcome of pain and pain management.

According to University of California the total increase in pain and pain relief related researches has increased by 500% within the last 30 years and our aim is to guide the potential scientific research works to make it online and fully accessible to our readers.

The Journal helps to publish high quality articles in the areas related to Pain management and relief such as Acute Pain, Chronic Pain, Chronic Back Pain, Low Back Pain, Pain Medication, Pain Medicine, Pain Sensation, and Pain Tolerance.

Current Issue

Journal Spotlight

  •   Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  •   Acupuncture
  •   Light therapy
  •   Mild pain
  •   Mild to moderate pain
  •   Moderate to severe pain
  •   Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  •   Antidepressants and antiepileptic drugs
  •   Reaction to Pain
  •   Natural Pain Relievers
  •   Meditation
  •   Arthroscopy
  •   Acupuncture
  •   Opioid
  •   Hypnosis
  •    Patellofemoral Pain
  •   Orofacial Pain
  •   Nociceptive Pain
  •   Anaesthesia
  •   Acute Pain
  •   Chronic Pain
  •   Chronic Back Pain
  •   Low Back Pain
  •   Pain Therapy
  •   Pain Disorders
  •   Pain Management
  •   Pain Killer Drugs
  •   Pain Medication
  •   Pain Medicine
  •   Pain Sensation
  •   Post-Operative Pain
  •   Pain Tolerance
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